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Published: Wednesday, 03 May 2017

An extravaganza of music and dance marked the inaugural event of the Golden Jubilee Year of St Paul’s School held at the Siri Fort Auditorium in the Capital on Wednesday 26 April, 2017..

Former Prime Minister Shri Dr Manmohan Singh was the Chief Guest at the event along with a battery of other dignitaries who graced the occasion. Sharing his thoughts on the glorious 50 years history of the St Paul’s School, started by the Delhi Orthodox Syrian Church Society, St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, New Delhi in the year 1968, Dr Singh said, “A school should be a family with many branches comprising of students, teachers, alumni, parents and management. Each has a critical role to play. It should aim to develop in children, independence of thought and action and also sensitivity to the well-being and feelings of others. St. Paul’s School provides a conducive environment to achieve just the same. It has been providing value-based education to its students while fostering high academic standards. St. Paul’s has supported the education of hundreds of its students with modest means to the tune of Rupees One crores eight lakhs. It is truly a center of light to be emulated by all 

The former PM also unveiled the Golden Jubilee Logo “Inspire, Innovate, Evolve” which symbolizesthe journey so far from a modest beginning till the present day.

Other dignitaries who spoke on the occasion included Bishop His Grace Dr. Mathews Mar Severios, Metropolitan of Malankara Orthodox Church, Shri Rajan S Mathews, Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI),Shri Joy Konnayil, Convener, Golden Jubilee Committee among others. School Chairman Rev. Fr. Shaji George welcomed the guests after the traditional ceremony of the lighting of lamp.

St Paul’s School Principal Mr. P Joseph Cherian took a trip down the memory lane inviting the attention of the audience to the journey so far, beginning from the foundation laying of the school and its achievements in the past 50 years.

The Presidential Address was given by Bishop Severios who stressed on the need of education and the role played by the Malankara Orthodox Church in opening 24 schools in Delhi-NCR and over 150 schools across India. He lauded the growth of

St. Paul’s school in the past 50 years of its existence. He expressed his tremendous happiness and pride to see the Alumni of St. Paul’s School doing very well in the spheres of life contributing significantly to nation building. He laid emphasis on the important aspect of Inclusive education and St. Paul’s being a beacon of light in emphasizing on education for all, no discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or colour, at the same time inclusion of children with special needs giving importance to gender diversity. He stated St. Paul’s school as an example of a model educational institution in the country.                                                                                                           

Director General, COAI, Shri Rajan S Mathews gave a brief overview of the achievements of India in the last 15 years. He stressed on the revolutions in the past, be it Industrial revolution, French revolution, Modernism, all having played a pivotal role in the development of human race.A school as an institution should instill cardinal virtues and prudence, with discipline as the foremost value. Love, humility, chastity, charity and prudence are well brought out in a Christian school.

He regarded three things as a danger to the world; violence as sword, Sex as entertainment and morality as an option. It is only though discipline that you can control all.

Shri Joy Konnayil, convener, Golden Jubilee committee talked about the role of a Christian school in promoting art, culture, faith and value system. He expressed his gratitude to the renowned dignitaries present at the ceremony including Former Prime –Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, His Grace Dr. Mathews Mar Severios, Chairman Rev. Fr.Shaji George, Principal Mr. P Joseph Cherian, Golden Jubilee Committee, Staff, Students and the parents.

What followed the thought-provoking speeches was an equally mesmerizing dance performance of Kathakaliand Mohiniyattam, choreographed by Mr. Evoor Pillai and Ms. Jayaprabha Menon. The perfect ending to the evening came with an enthralling music and dance performance by the students of St Paul’s School. They narrated the “saga of an enigmatic journey”in a brilliant art form combining music, dance, yoga and drama. 

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